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Volunteer Group Setup And Tips Guide

We have asked some of the country's most successful COVID-19 volunteer groups for their tips and advice.

We are all learning as we go along, so please share your experience too. Together we are better.

Click here to download and view the Volunteer Setup Guide

Introduction cards ("Through the door" cards)

Volunteers can introduce themselves to their neighbourhood as a volunter during social isolation by using an introduction card.

Your local volunteer group may already have some available. If not, or if you are setting up a volunteer group, then our template is free to use.

Click here to download and view the Volunteer Introduction Card

Simply print them out and pop them through the letterboxes of the people you are volunteering to assist.

Lanyard template

Lanyard identification cards help to identify someone as a volunteer. A template can be found here.

Tips From Real People Who Dealt With Coronavirus

Coronavirus tips contributed from peoples' real world experience
This document is actively maintained and will be updated regularly

Click here to view the Tips From Real People document

Wearing a mask combats transmission

We are aware that some volunteer groups have been advised not to make masks based on misinformation that they are not effective. The scientific evidence is that wearing a mask prevents a person who is COVID-19 positive from transmitting the disease to others. The scientific evidence can be found here

Getting help

We are a group of volunteers helping our fellow citizens do their amazing work in our society.

You can find us online at FaceBook and Twitter .

FaceBook search: @covid19volunteersupport. Twitter search: @covid19_group.

All materials here are freely available for the public good and can be freely shared without modification.

COVID19 Volunteer Support Group